What is Mycorrhizal Fungi?

MycoGenesis, a sister product to the BioGenesis products, contains a complex blend of beneficial microbes with added mycorrhizal fungi, designed especially for use in root dipping and deep root injection. Read the MycoGenesis product label How to purchase

What is Mycorrhizal Fungi?

The term Mycorrhizal - which literally means fungus (myco) root (rhyzo) - refers to the symbiotic relationship between certain fungi and plant roots. These fungi receive sugars from the plant, and in return, aid the plant in the take-up of water and nutrients in the soil.

The Mycorrhizal fungi form branch-like structures called hyphae, which extend the surface area root hairs to provide more access to resources available in the soil. Hyphae are smaller than root hairs, and therefore able to penetrate further into the soil to seek out nutrients and water. When the resources in the immediate area are depleted, the hyphae simply extend further into the soil to find new supplies.

Mycorrhizal Fungi + Beneficial Bacteria

With the increased usable surface area provided to the plant by the Mycorrhizal fungi, the plant has greater access to the resources present in the soil; and by adding the Tainio Technology blend of beneficial bacteria, those resources are broken down theough enzymatic action, facilitating take-up by the Mycorrhizal fungi. The beneficial bacteria also benefit from the enzymes secreted by the fungi. A symbiotic relationship is formed wherein plant, mycorrhizae, and bacteria all benefit and flourish.

Beneficial Bacteria

Nitrogen fixtion
Breakdown of toxins
Breakdown of organic matter/residue
Shared Benefits

Increased mineral availability
Reduced fertilizer input costs
Improved germination
Improved soil tilth
promotes healthy root growth
Reduced nutrient flushing/runoff from the root zone

Promotes increased water uptake
Improves plants' ability to access soil resources by increasing surface area of roots
Glomalin production for carbon storage and improved soil structure

MycoGenesis Application Instructions

Potted Plant Drench:
Mix 1 gram of Mycogenesis into 1 gallon of water. Fully saturate soil with the mixture to ensure good contact with plant roots. Use approximately 10 grams of MycoGenesis per cubic yard of soil mix.

Row Crops:
Apply in seed rows at a rate of 1 lb (454 grams) MycoGenesis per acre.

Root Dip:
For trees or plants, mix 1 lb (454 grams) of MycoGenesis in 20 gallons of clean water. For established trees, inject 64-128 ounces per tree into the root zone around the drip line of the tree.

For Best Results:
Add 12.5 oz of a Pepzyme product for every one (1) lb of MycoGenesis applied.

For maximum benefit of MycoGenesis, it is important that the Mycorrhizae contact the root or in the root zone of the plant. If material is going to be surface sprayed, BioGenesis I is the best option.

Although the microbes in the formula are quite hardy and robust, certain chemicals can cause high mortality rates, therefore, for maximum benefit, it is important that you clean your spray equipment before use, do not mix the beneficial microbe package with chemicals, and recognize that re-inoculation is often necessaryafter many chemical sprays.