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Spectrum soil inoculant

From Tainio Biological Products

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Spectrum is a multiple species blend of live, beneficial soil microorganisms, designed to restore the native microbial population in the soil, which enhances the natural organic processes that occur in nature's ecosystem evolution. The microorganisms in Spectrum break down and release vital nutrients stored in the mineral particles of the soil, making these nutrients more readily available to the plants.

Soil-born microorganisms produce beneficial acids and amino acids, which dissolve and make available (chelate) mineral nutrients. Spectrum assists and speeds nature in decomposition and recycling of organic matter into an important substance known as humus, building richer, healthier soil. Read the Spectrum product label

OMR listed

OMR, CDFA and WSDA listed.

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Spectrum + Myco combines all of the powerful plant supporting benefits of Spectrum and Mycorrhizal fungi in one convenient package.

Spectrum DS (formerly Spectrum Extra) s designed for use in drought-stressed, high salinity soils. Drought stress greatly impacts plants by reducing yield, crop quality, and the availability of soil nutrients, leading to higher input costs, and lower profits. Blended with an emphasis on drought and salt tolerant microorganisms, Spectrum DS can help mitigate these damaging effects and allow crops to thrive in harsh environments.

Spectrum PSB Phosphorus is an essential nutrient required for plant growth that is generally present in the environment, but largely unavailable for uptake by the plant. Phosphorus that is present in the soil, both naturally and applied through fertilization, tends to dissipate quickly by leaching into water, becoming biologically bound in organic forms, or forming insoluble complexes which the plant cannot process. The phosphorus solubilizing bacteria (PSB) found in Spectrum PSB break down these bound or insoluble forms of phosphorus, making them available for use by the plant.

Spectrum NFB Beyond legumes and the nodules that house rhizobia, another type of nitrogen fixing bacteria (NFB) exist; Free Living NFB. These are organisms that work with all plant types and not just legumes. This unlocks the atmospheric potential around us into a plant usable form.

Spectrum NFB combines the powerful benefits of these robust nitrogen fixing organisms, with the full array of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) that you have already come to rely on from Spectrum, in one easy to use package.

Product Image Item Name- Price
Spectrum 5 acre container
5 acre container contains 250 grams. OMR, CDFA and WSDA listed.

Spectrum 25 acre container
25 acre container contains 1250 grams. OMR, CDFA and WSDA listed.

Spectrum 100 acre bucket
100 acre bucket contains 5000 grams. Spectrum_MED.pngSpectrum_MED.png

Spectrum 10 acre container
10 acre container contains 500 grams. OMR, CDFA and WSDA listed.

Spectrum 1 acre container
1 acre container contains 50 grams. OMR, CDFA and WSDA listed.

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