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BioGenesis I Plus Polymers

From Tainio Biological Products

Read the Biogenesis I Plus Polymer product label


BioGenesis I Plus Polymer soil amendment is formulated with a broad spectrum of beneficial microorganisms, humic acids and humectants. Applied to soil or used as a root dip for transplanting seedlings and trees, BioGenesis I provides essential nutrients and establishes beneficial microbial populations needed for optimum soil health and plant growth. The humectant used in BioGenesis I is a super absorbent polymer capable of absorbing hundreds of times its weight in water, protecting against drought and conserving water. BioGenesis I Plus Polymers contains ingredients that are not acceptable for organic use.

Product Image Item Name+ Price
BioGenesis 1 w/Polymers 10 lb. bucket
10 lb. bucket treats 10 acres.

BioGenesis 1 w/Polymers 1lb. container
1 lb. container treats 1 acre.

BioGenesis 1 w/Polymers 25 lb. bucket
25 lb. bucket treats 25 acres.

BioGenesis 1 w/Polymers 5lb. container
5 lb. container treats 5 acres. See the Biogenesis I product label

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