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Micro Clear II water treatment

From Tainio Biological products

Read the Micro Clear II product label.

Material Safety sheet.

Micro Clear II is a specifically selected group of micro-organisms designed to be used on lakes, ponds, watering troughs, aquariums, animal manure pits, and sewage lagoons to digest organic debris and tie up mineral elements, which, at higher concentrations, cause excessive growth of toxic bacteria and organic matter.

Micro Clear II, applied to a lake or pond system, assists nature with the microbial balance needed to ease the pressure of excessive contamination. When the efficient natural systems begin to work, microbe populations and natural distributions return to normal levels. As the nitrogen and phosphate levels return to normal, which happens soon after the application of Micro Clear II, the lakes and ponds begin to clear, and assimilation of the organic materials once again comes into balance.

Micro Clear II contains no organisms foreign to lakes and ponds. For best results, use with Pepzyme Clear.

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