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MicroThatch Digester

Read the product label and Material Safety Data Sheet for MicroThatch

Material Safety sheet.

Micro Thatch is a microbe formulation and soil conditioner designed to digest the thatch in turf. These microbes will establish populations in 30 to 40 days, after which they will decompose 1/4 to 1/2 of thatch buildup per month. The digested thatch is transformed into nutrients usable by the turf, while microbial activity loosens hard soil, encourages deeper root zones, and increases natural aeration. Microbial activity will continue through the cooler/cold temperatures of winter, although digestion will slow somewhat during very cold temperatures.

Mixing and Spray Instructions for Tainio Microbial Products

Product Image Item Name- Price
Micro Thatch 1 acre container
1 acre container contains 50 grams.

Micro Thatch 5 acre container
5 acre container contains 250 grams.

Micro Thatch 10 acre container
10 acre container contains 500 grams.

Micro Thatch 25 acre container
25 acre container contains 1250 grams.

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