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From Tainio Biological Products,

Biocaps are an easy to use, biodegradable fertilizer capsule that dramatically increases the fertility of the soil surrounding trees and shrubs. Each capsule provides important nutrients and beneficial microorganisms for optimum plant growth and vitality, as well as restoring health and vigor to stressed or dying trees. It's easy; just poke a hole at the drip line of your tree, drop in a capsule and you're done.

Some additional benefits are:
  • eased oxygen to roots
  • Reduced transplant shock
  • Faster growth
  • Eliminates or reduces the need for chemical fertilizers
  • Improves protein, oil, and sugar content
  • Improves soil pH
  • Improves soil drainage, reduces erosion and compactoin
  • Increases crop yields
  • Increases profit!

BioCaps in the Greenhouse

"I have just harvested the oranges from the dwarf trees in my greenhouse and must tell you that this is the largest crop I have had in the ten years I have nurtured the trees! It has to be attributed to the Biocaps, which I inserted in their tubs in May of last year and again in October. I can honestly report that I had three times the fruit from each tree this year. This added to a double crop of persimmons last fall and figs in the summer has convinced me of the value of Biocaps."

A.L , Colorado Springs, CO.

Biocaps contain a combination of live beneficial microorganisms, humic acids, and humectants. Biocaps come in two convenient sizes: A 13 gram capsule for larger trees and A 2.5 gram capsule for small trees, shrubs, and the most envious rosebushes in the neighborhood!

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