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Biogenesis III Seed Treatment

BioGenesis III Seed Treatment is our specially formulated seed inoculant made with specific beneficial soil microbes and humic acids. This natural seed inoculant promotes healthy emergence and greater seedling vigor in a wide variety of plants including vegetables, grains, grasses, flowers, and more.

Tainio Technology's seed treatment products help speed up germination in the plant. The microbes in our seed treatments go into the soil and help breakdown nutrients for quicker absorption by young roots. Use these products to give your plants an extra boost and a jump-start on growth.

Average application rate: 1 dry oz. per 100 lbs. of seed. BioGenesis III Seed Treatment is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

Read the BioGenesis III Seed Treatmnent product label.  

Product Image Item Name- Price
BioGenesis III - SD 50 oz. container
50 oz. container treats 2500 lbs. seed.

BioGenesis III - SD 2 oz. container
2 oz. container treats 100 lbs. seed.

BioGenesis III - SD 12 lb. bucket
12 lb. bucket treats 9,700 lbs. seed.

BioGenesis III - SD 10 oz. container
10 oz. container treats 500 lbs. seed.

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