Restoration and Agroecological consulting. We also carry soil amendments, foliar fertilizers, enzyme products and compost & stubble treatments from Tainio Biological Products for natural agriculture and gardening, many OMRI-listed/CDFA-Registered for organic farming.

Blazing Star can provide seed of the prairie, woodland and wetland for the Northern Illinois area. Ask us about special projects and plantings. Availability varies.

Did you know Tainio’s OP-8 can do the work of Microclear and Microthatch? It does!

Tainio is retiring veteran products Microthatch and Microclear in 2022, but no worries, OP-8 is ready to take over the job.

OP-8 is still great for petroleum-contaminated soil and water, but it also digests organic debris in ponds, watering troughs and sewage lagoons like Micro Clear and helps reduces turf thatch buildup like Microthatch, just apply at the application rates you’re already using for those products. Let us know if you need more information on using OP-8.

Getting ready to plant? 

If you have to meet a plant-by date with your order, let us know that date in the comment section at checkout so we can prioritize it!