biogen1_mBioGenesis I™ Plus Polymers is Tainio’s original BioGenesis I™formula for agriculture, which contains a broad spectrum of live microbes for replenishing the beneficial microbial populations needed for optimum soil health and plant growth, and is designed with all the exact ingredients to assist nature in the uptake of essential trace elements.

The humectant used in BioGenesis I™ Plus Polymers is a super absorbent polymer (SAP) composed of a natural polymer starch, which is capable of absorbing hundreds of times its weight in water, making the water available to plants over an extended of time.

The growth rate of a plant is directly affected by the amount of moisture available. When the polymer is added to the soil, the plant is able to draw water from these mini reservoirs, resulting in a uniform, uninterrupted growth.

Each SAP molecule acts as a tiny sponge. With evaporation or plant extraction of water, the material shrinks, creating air pockets in the soil, which helps increase aeration. When water is introduced back into the soil, the polymer particle again swells to its maximum size, and the expanding/contracting process created by the polymer allows for better soil drainage.

The humates in Biogenesis I™ Plus Polymers help to improve soil structure, support plant growth and stimulate microbe populations.

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