What Are Enzymes?
Healthy soil contains 8,000-12,000 lbs of living organisms in a single acre. Each one of these organisms carries out many thousands of actions or reactions every day in order to keep itself alive, healthy, and reproducing. Each of these metabolic reactions depends on specialized proteins, called enzymes. Without these enzymes, life would not be possible. Enzymes are not a fertilizer, nor are they live microbes.

Enzymes are products generated by all living organisms, including microbes. Life is an energetic balancing act. Every organism wants to be healthy and reproduce. If energy is diverted to enzyme production, the plant and/or microbe has less energy available for reproduction. By supplementing the soil environment with enzymes, we help to support reproduction and maximize yield.

Taionio’s line of liquid enzyme products, called Pepzyme consists of a wide variety of enzymes and produce a very broad and balanced spectrum of microbe stimulation potential.



• Stimulates growth and metabolism of beneficial microorganisms such as nitrogen fixing bacteria, phosphate solubilizing bacteria, and organic matter-degrading bacteria.
• Contains nutrients, naturally occurring organic compounds, enzymes and amino acids.
• Highly stable; Pepzyme is affected very little by ultraviolet or climate conditions, which ensures a consistently high quality product you can rely on.
• Safe to use and handle when used as directed, compatible with most herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers.


How PEPZYME™ Works

Improved soil conditions provide a better environment for plant growth and support healthier, heartier plants that are resistant to environmental stresses of climate (droughtlfloodlfreeze/wind).

Pepzyme assists with the digestion of organic matter and improves soil tilth and fertility by stimulating the growth and metabolism of beneficial microorganisms
Pepzyme increases the amount of nitrogen available to the plants. Nitrogen is abundant in our atmosphere as a usable gas, however most plants have difficulty using nitrogen in this form and rely on nitrogen fixing bacteria for the conversion of these gases into usable forms that plants can absorb. By stimulating the growth and metabolic function of these bacteria, Pepzyme increases the amount of usable nitrogen to the soil, which is then used by the plant.
Pepzyme increases the amount of phosphorus available to a plant. Much of the phosphate, from which plants obtain phosphorus, is tied up in chemical compounds that plants do not absorb. Pepzyme stimulates growth and metabolism of microorganisms that break down these compounds, making phosphorus more readily available.
Pepzyme increases microbial activity necessary for organic decay. Nutrients that are tied up in organic matter are not available to plants. By stimulating microbial activity, Pepzyme speeds up the decay process and the subsequent return of nutrients in usable forms to the soil.

The net effect of Pepzyme is the creation of a better environment for root development. Treated soils are less compacted, absorb and retain more moisture, are better aerated and have more nutrients available to plants than untreated soils. These conditions promote the healthy, vigorous plant growth needed to increase yield and profit.

Pepzyme G (2-13-6) is designed to be applied to canopied crops such as turf, grass seed and other crop foliage. It may also be applied directly onto the soil. This product stimulates microbes found both on the plant foliage and in the soil. Pepzyme G is recommended with any BFMSTM microbial soil amendment or root dip for maximum performance.

Pepzyme M (1-2-6) is designed and formulated to be applied to the soil to stimulate beneficial microbe populations, and is recommended with any BFMSTM  microbial soil amendment or cellulose digester for maximum performance.

Pepzyme Clear is an excellent organic alternative to Pepzyme G or Pepzyme M.
Pepzyme Clear is listed by the WSDA (Washington State Department of Agriculture) Organic Program.


NutraNeed offers all the benefits of a Pepzyme product, plus humates in one package. It’s designed for stimulating native soil bacteria and can be used on all types of crops and soils. NutraNeed may be applied to soil by aerial spraying, ground sprayer, shanked in with fertilizer liquids, through seed drill starter fertilizer application, sprinkler systems or furrow or flood irrigation. NutraNeed can be applied with most liquid fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

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