Humates are a very complex substance, containing humic and fulvic acids, and other complex carbon based components. These acids can be found in compost and humus.

Many humate components have been identified as plant growth stimulants. Humic acid chelates trace elements,making these elements readily available to plants. Humic and fulvic acids improve soil structure, drainage, rooting, crop quality and shelf life in fruit and vegetables. Humic acid also removes sodium from the soil, stimulates seed germination, increases cellular permeability and increases soil microbe populations.

Trace elements, in chelated form, are essential to plant growth. Plants cannot transpire, grow or reproduce when they lack sufficient and balanced amounts of specific chelated minerals. These minerals are vital in the chemistry of every plant’s and animal’s living function. Inherent in a properly extracted, natural humate product is a chelating capability that allows increased efficiency of mineral uptake by a plant. This chelation takes both a direct form, by complexing the available minerals in the soil, as well as an indirect method by stimulating the increase of this chelation function through the native micro flora in the soil.

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How to use?
Mix 1/8 pound of BFMSTM Soluble
Humate Powder with one gallon of water.
Add to enough water to cover at a rate
of one gallon per acre. May be applied
through sprayer or irrigation water