Farming and Biologicals

Based on many years of field research, plant breeder and microbiologist Bruce Tainio introduced the Biological Farm Management System (BFMS) as the foundation for a successful sustainable agricultural program. The program is a cycle of treatments to augment microbial activity, which improves soil and plant health, and overall crop production.

Forage, Corn and cereal grains can benefit from the BFMS approach, as can small producers and truck gardeners, including organic  for fruits and vegetables.


Learn about the latest findings on soil biology and practical farming at Tainio Biological’s youTube channel.  
Complete treatment protocols for many crops can be found here on Tainio Biological’s website.

Some recommended regimens for:

Corn and Cereal Grains
Forage Crops
Beans and Legumes Perennial Herbs
Potatoes Tomatoes
Vegetable and Melon Crops Apples and Pears
Berries Grapes
Stone Fruits Citrus
Nursery and Greenhouse Flowers
Ornamental Trees and Shrubs Hemp

Mixing and Spraying Tainio Microbial Products

Sprayer Calibration FAQ