Agricultural Products from Tainio

We are pleased to offer products from Tainio Biological Products, providing natural solutions for agriculture and the environment, including seed treatments and soil amendments from beneficial micro-organisms and enzymes.

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Some suggested application protocols

See our list of products suitable for organic use: OMRI, WSDA and CDFA.

Soil & Seed Treatments
BioDigester Stubble Digester
BioGenesis III Seed Treatment
Spectrum Soil Amendment
Spectrum DS
Spectrum plus Myco
Spectrum NFB
Spectrum PSB
Nutra Need
Pepzyme Clear
Pepzyme G 
Support products
Calcium 24
Carbo II soil amendment
Soluble Humate Powder
CytoGreen Foliar
Foliar Fertilizers
Micro 5000 Foliar
Micro 5000 Organic
PZ 1000 Foliar Spray

OP-8 Digesting Soil Microbes

Mixing and Spraying Tainio Microbial Products
Sprayer Calibration FAQ
Farming and Biologicals