Spectrum Soil Amendment

Spectrum is a multiple species blend of live, beneficial soil microorganisms, designed to restore the native microbial population in the soil, which enhances the natural organic processes that occur in nature’s ecosystem evolution. The microorganisms in Spectrum break down and release vital nutrients stored in the mineral particles of the soil, making these nutrients more readily available to the plants.

Soil-born microorganisms produce beneficial acids and amino acids, which dissolve and make available (chelate) mineral nutrients. Spectrum assists and speeds nature in decomposition and recycling of organic matter into an important substance known as humus, building richer, healthier soil.

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OMR, CDFA and WSDA listed.

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27-01 Spectrum soil inoculant 1 acre container $20.47
27-05 Spectrum 5 acre container $90.46
27-10 Spectrum 10 acre container $159.27
27-25 Spectrum 25 acre container $383.54
27-A100 Spectrum 100 acre bucket $1,493.84