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100 acres / 7500 grams (75 grams per acre).

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100 acres / 7500 grams (75 grams per acre)

PZ 1000 is a broad base foliar nutrient package with an emphasis on potassium. PZ 1000 is used as a nutrient correction, and to enhance plant uptake at flowering and fruit setting time. This product may be used several times during the growing season for additional nutrient support of the crop. PZ 1000 is economical, even if used 6 or 8 times throughout the season, the resulting crop yield increase more than justifies repeated applications. PZ 1000 is one of the most requested products offered by Tainio Technology. Its popularity is, in part, due to first season results in overall plant, tree, and soil health. For best results, PZ 1000 can be alternated with Micro 5000 every 10-14 days in orchards, vineyards, and vegetable crops.

PZ 1000 Foliar Spray contains ingredients that are not acceptable for organic use.

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