RhizoGenesis Root Dip 5 acres


5 acres / 2268 grams (454 grams per acre).


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5 acres / 2268 grams (454 grams per acre).

A pre-plant application of RhizoGenesis Root Dip delivers billions of colonies of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) and mycorrhizal fungi right to the roots; exactly when and where plants need them for a powerful kick-start!

RhizoGenesis is scientifically formulated with our premium blend of beneficial soil-based microorganisms, root nourishing mycorrhizal fungi, and super absorbent polymers that serve as tiny moisture-holding sponges.

RhizoGenesis Root Dip helps promote strong, healthy root growth and enhances soil microbe metabolism and reproduction by holding vital pockets of moisture around the plants’ root zones.

RhizoGenesis Root Dip contains ingredients that are not acceptable for organic use.

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